martedì 10 maggio 2011

The Coming of Kohoutek - 1972

In Celebration Of The Comet (The Coming Of Kohoutek) - LP Vinyl Transfer
Venue: Rainbow Theatre – London, UK

Many listings state the date of this performance was 1972.02.17, when reportedly the actual date was 1972.02.20.

Lineage: Audience (details unknown) > Original Vinyl (TAKRL 1903) > NAD 5120 turntable + Nagaoka MP-11 Cartridge > SP-2 Stereo Phono Preamplifier > CD Spin Doctor > aiff > flac level 6 > you. Sound quality is B+ or better.

This is a popular and widely circulated bootleg album from Pink Floyd. The performance featured a musical piece referred to at the time as "The Eclipse Suite," which would later become "Dark Side of the Moon."
Note the song titles: “The Travel Sequence,” “The Mortality Sequence,” and “The Scat Sequence,” which later evolved into “On The Run,” “The Great Gig In The Sky,” and “Any Colour You Like.”
I purchased this album in the 1970’s & with little wear it has maintained its luster, although some snap, crackle & pop exist. I did no post-transfer treatments. The center hole of the vinyl is a tad bit off center, which may add a bit of wobble.
I have provided 2 versions of this vinyl transfer. One option is Sides 1 & 2 without track other breaks. Another option is 10 individual track breaks. Scan composite of the cover is included also. Enjoy.

Side One (20:33)
01. Breathe
02. The Travel Sequence
03. Time
04. The Mortality Sequence

Side Two (20:45)
05. The Mortality Sequence (ends)
06. Money
07. Us & Them
08. The Scat Sequence
09. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse


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  1. Can you repost this? The Fileserve link is no good.

  2. The Comet Kohoutek, formally designated C/1973 E1, 1973 XII, and 1973f, was first sighted on 7 March 1973 by Czech astronomer Luboš Kohoutek!!!...

    Why "1972.02.20"?!!!...